Mercy's New Task Force on Diversity, equity, and inclusion

At the entrance to our hospital is a simple declaration of a core belief to serve all people of every creed, color, economic, and social condition. We believe the diversity of our patients and the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce strengthen us as a healthcare community committed to clinical excellence and compassionate care.

In 2021, Dr. David Maine created the President’s Taskforce of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, which is comprised of a broad cross section of Mercy leaders and employees of different backgrounds and specialties.

The task force’s role is to implement plans and strategies that connect Mercy’s mission and values to actions supporting racial equity, diversity, and inclusion, including:

  • Continually improving the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce to strengthen us as a healthcare community
  • Ongoing implementation of the American Hospital Association Equity Pledge to Eliminate Healthcare Disparities
  • Monitoring and reporting on Mercy’s adherence to the Maryland Hospital Association’s Commitment to Racial Equity

Mercy’s deliberate focus on diversity and inclusion initiatives will help to address barriers to health equity experienced by marginalized populations in our community.

Celebrating the service of dr. mark applefeld

In 2021, we congratulated Dr. Mark Applefeld on his retirement after 36 years of exceptional service to the hospital and his loyal patients, too numerous to count. 

A universally respected cardiologist, Dr. Applefeld embodied Mercy’s mission and values ever since he first arrived in 1985 to head the Division of Cardiology.

“I have such admiration and respect for Dr. Applefeld,” said Dr. David Maine, President and CEO. “When I first came to Mercy as an intern in 2002, he immediately made me and my fellow interns feel like part of the Mercy Family and modeled the Mercy values in all of his patient encounters. He is a gifted teacher and unique breed of physician who has touched so many professionals here.”

Known for his gentle, kind, and soft-spoken manner, Dr. Applefeld demonstrated a unique ability to build extreme loyalty among his patients. Nominated by peers and colleagues, Dr. Applefeld was named a “Top Doctor” by Baltimore magazine year after year.

Throughout his career, Dr. Applefeld was a loyal and devoted friend to the Sisters of Mercy. If there was a need, large or small, Dr. Applefeld was generous with his time and talent to step in and help.

Sister Helen commented, “In addition to taking on roles such as Chair of Mercy Magic, a major fundraiser for the hospital, Dr. Applefeld also cared for and treated many of the Sisters, especially when the Convent was on the 18th Floor of the McAuley Tower.” Sister Helen added, “He loved Sister Thomas, Sister Elizabeth Anne, Sister Paula Marie, and so many others. Dr. Applefeld has always treated us all as if we were part of his family… and, in many ways, we were. We are all part of the Mercy Family and because of that, our friendships will last a lifetime.”

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